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NAPCO Media Digital Advertising Network

The NAPCO Media Digital Advertising Network allows you to simply, effectively, and inexpensively target your customers and/or their clones through digital advertising (AKA display – banner advertising).
294,643   TOTAL UNIVERSE / BASE RATE $25.00/M
294,643   Targeted Digital Advertising $25.00/M
294,643   Integrated Marketing Program $275.00/M


This extraordinary network allows you to follow your customers and ideal prospects as they visit virtually any website on the internet. This network will allow you to gain mindshare, increase recall, and produce conversions more effectively than any other resource. Best of all, we do all the work, and you reap all the benefits so let’s get started today.


Channel: Display Advertising


Network Size: The NAPCO Media Digital Advertising Network utilizes the country’s largest online inventory partners to provide maximum reach in targeting your ad to your customers and ideal prospects.


Audience: The NAPCO Media Subscriber and Event Attendee Business Masterfile is a direct response, subscribers and event attendees Masterfile comprising business management, marketing/sales management, database/audience development, operations management, IT/e-commerce management, web development management, and creative services titles within the direct merchants/catalogers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, on-line merchants, publishers, manufacturers, non-profits, non-financial service marketers, financial services and real estate industries.


Updated quarterly, this database delivers direct response subscribers from NAPCO Media’s print magazines, websites, eLearning events and newsletters, as well as trade show customers in one unduplicated highly selectable database. NAPCO Media business titles include: Printing Impressions, Packaging Impressions, In-plant Impressions, Print + Promo, Promo Marketing, NonProfit PRO, Total Retail and Book Business



Types of Programs


Targeted Digital Advertising

Allows you to target your customers and prospects with display advertisements across all screens and devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).


Integrated Marketing Program

Allows you increase your exposure and amply the effectiveness of targeted omni-channel marketing by reaching your customers and ideal prospects through digital advertising, email, direct mail, and phones. This approach will produce a greater customer experience while delivering a stronger return on your investment.


How it Works


Step 1:

We upload your customer file via our secure process.

Step 2:

We anonymize your customer records removing all personally identifiable information.


Step 3:

The records are then linked to their digital cookie, IP address and online device. This process allows you to show your ad to specific customers or clones (prospects) across all devices – phone, tablet or computer – this omni-channel approach will allow you to truly maximize your response rates across online and offline campaigns.


How Does This Differ From Other Programs

We continually monitor your campaign across all networks and available inventory to analyze your campaign performance. This process allows us to drive more ads to the higher performing networks in real-time to optimize the overall performance of your campaign. Once your campaign is complete, we’ll review what offers and customer segments were most responsive so that you can create the most effective go-forward plan for future campaigns.


How Does the Creative Work

We can use your existing display ad or our design team can create one from scratch. Monitor your campaign across all inventory and analyze your campaign performance. Then drive more ads to the higher performing networks.

Standard ad display sizes are: 728 x 90 pixels, 160 x 600 pixels and 300 x 250 pixels.


Standard Display

  • Javascript/HTML tags; Image + Click URL (.png, .jpg, .gif); Flash File and Click URL
  • Javascript tags must accept third party click macros - Initial Load size must be 40kb or less
  • Auto-Initiated Audio or Video Play are not allowed
  • Flash files must use standard click variable name “clickTAG”
  • No expandable banners, all rich media must be in-banner
  • Animation time no longer than 30 seconds, can loop as many times in 30 seconds

Option 1: 3rd Party Served

  • VAST tag that includes these formats: MP4, FLV and WEBM

Option 2: Hosted

  • Format: MOV or MP4
  • Video Length: 15 or 30 seconds, 15 seconds for YouTube
  • Size: < 100 MB
  • Codec: H.264
  • Bit Rate: 1 MB
  • Frames/sec: 24-25 or 29-30
  • Aspect Ratio:Native aspect without letterboxing (4:3, 16:9)
  • Resolution: 640×360 or 480×360
  • Audio Codec: MP3 or AAC
  • Click-through: URL or redirect for video


  • Mobile Web / Mobile App - Javascript / HTML or Image and Click URL

Sizes (in pixels)

Standard Display

  • Required: 300x250, 728x90, 160×600
  • Optional: 300x600, 320x50

Mobile Web / App

  • Required: 320x50
  • Optional: 300x50, 320x480, 768x1024, 300x250, 728x90



Our analytics provide you with the actionable insights necessary to optimize the results of your campaigns. We utilize cutting edge predictive scoring identifies which networks and prospects are most likely to convert on your offer in real-time to ensure the greatest return on your investment.

How Do I Get Started

This part is easy because we handle everything from start to finish. You send us your customer list and we’ll match it up against our cookie and ip pool. This precise match allows us to link a digital id to your customers as well as create your ideal prospects by cloning your existing customers.


*Transmission Fee - $95/M

NextMark 450497

Email List Mailing List Telemarketing List
Attendees, Opt-in e-mail, Direct response, Publications, Direct mail sold, Controlled circulation, Newsletter
Counts through 10/07/2022
Last update 10/17/2022
Next update 02/10/2023
Annual Budget 15.00/M
Annual Sales Volume 15.00/M
Business/Industry Type 15.00/M
Company Size 15.00/M
Employee Size 15.00/M
Gender 10.00/M
Job Function 15.00/M
Job Title 15.00/M
One Name per Location 15.00/M
SCF 10.00/M
State 10.00/M
Transmission Fee 25.00/M
Zip 10.00/M
Unit of sale information is not available
Dollar: $500
Net Name is allowed.
Floor: 0%
Min Qty: 0
Run Charges: $ 5 /M
Exchange is not allowed
Key Coding is available
Charges: 3 /M
A/B Split - Each Additional Split 100.00/F
CD ROM 25.00/F
Email Delivery/FTP 60.00/F
Enhanced Deliverability Report 100.00/F
Good Customer Profile 500.00/F
HTML Creation 650.00/F
Image Hosting 100.00/F
Match and Deploy 500.00/F
Mobile Device View 100.00/F
Personalization NO CHARGE
Pin Coding 350.00/F
Suppression (Min) 150.00/F
Transmission 95.00/M
Web Form Creation 500.00/F
Annual Budget   (15.00/M)
Under $1MM 13,869
$1MM and over 3,657

Annual Sales Volume   (15.00/M)
Less than $500K 22,201
$500K - $1MM 23,581
$1MM - $5MM 27,656
$5MM - $10MM 9,522
$10MM - $50MM 11,410
$50MM - $100MM 4,492
$100MM - $500MM 4,625
$500MM+ 85

Business/Industry Type   (15.00/M)
Printing Services 55,930
Retail/Wholesale/Distributor 22,660
Promotional Products 16,540
Publishing 14,082
Manufacturing 7,119
Construction/Home Installation 6,608
Other 4,214
Pre-Press/Bindery Services 3,839
Audio/Video/Electronics 3,145
Education 3,097
Technology/System Integrator 3,058
Creative Services/Agency 2,660
Catalog Merchant/Mass Merchandiser 2,225
Non-Profit/Fundraising 1,500
Government/Military 1,431
Financial Services/Insurance/Real Estate 973
Transportation/Communications/Utilities 601

Company Size   (15.00/M)
Executive Management
Vice President
Middle Management
Financial Management
Office Manager/Administrator
Information Technology
Programming/Software Development
Sales Marketing HR and Training Management
HR/Human Resources
Engineering Plant Purchasing and Operations Management
Facility Management
Plant Management
Project Management
Quality Assurance/Control

Employee Size   (15.00/M)
1-4 44,798
5-9 15,977
10-19 17,840
20-49 12,526
50-99 10,672
100-249 9,201
250-499 3,986
500-999 818
1,000-4,999 603
5,000-9,999 46
10,000+ 5

Gender   (10.00/M)
Male 95,047
Female 40,171
Unknown 19,318

Job Function   (15.00/M)
Business Management 80,257
Sales/Marketing Management 22,971
Production/Operations Management 21,841
Research and Development 9,341
Corporate Management 9,022
Administrative Management 8,262
Fundraising 5,827
Editorial Management 2,664
IT/IS Management 2,512
Purchasing/Procurement 2,338
Account Management 925
Merchandising Management 792
Creative Services 759
Customer Service 748
Consulting 510
Database/Audience Development 419
Human Resource Management 332
Architecture/Design 280
Brand Management 122

Job Title   (15.00/M)
Manager/Supervisor 77,703
Owner 76,460
President 45,418
Director/Deputy Director 37,287
Vice-President 23,466
CEO 10,003
Editor/Publisher 9,453
Account Executive/Manager/Representative 8,039
Designer 3,841
Partner 3,603
Buyer 2,816
Office Manager 2,589
Engineer 2,141
Principal/Assistant Principal 2,047
Analyst 1,939
Administrator 1,601
Administrative Executive 1,482
CFO 1,204
COO 1,183
Programmer 1,169
Wayne Nagrowski Account Manager (845) 201-5318
= Primary contact